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After we launched the ReolinkCaptures program , the video feedback just poured in which shows its great video performance both day and night. If you want a wired security camera linked to mobile phone that is plug and play and play and have no idea which one to choose, Reolink RLC won't be wrong with the most attractive price tag! And I bet the Reolink RLC will surprise you with all the below great features that you couldn't get elsewhere at the same cost.

If you are looking for a wireless security camera linked to phone, then you can't go wrong with the Reolink RLCW, which is the wireless counterpart of RLC When it comes to security camera system linked to phone, it's important to make sure all the security cameras could be easily added to your phone and accessed remotely without slowing your network down.

Reolink security kit RLKB4 makes the whole process easy for you. More importantly, this security camera system linked to phone allows you to choose different live view mode clear, balanced or fluent to best suit your network condition. What you can do with your security cameras connected to phone is determined by their features, in fact. Want to see the burglar's face clearly on your phone and catch him or her?

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Think of listening to what's going on in your home and talk to your loved ones directly via phone? You can realize them all if you choose the security cameras linked to phone with the following features. The image quality of security cameras linked to phone is the prominent factor that affects your experience when watching live view. Do you know that the resolution of human eyes is megapixels but really only about 7 megapixels matter?

So how could a security camera keep an "eye" on your property without high definition? High resolution of security cameras connected to phone offers you better user experience in remote viewing:. You can thereby see the facial expressions clearly when your loved ones get home and know whether they had a good day, and you will have a clue when you find the illegal dumping on your lawn and stop it. More importantly, the clearer image captured by security cameras connected to cell phone could be much more effective when prosecute is needed.

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To protect your property, you need the cameras that could at least identify the human face and plate number , which means p and above resolution. Reolink has been offering all types of p, 4MP p and 5MP cameras linked to phone, providing you a much clearer and sharper view of the objects.

You may learn more details at the security camera store. Want to see what's going on outside your home in the dark night or check in on your little ones in their sleep at fingertips on your phone? With IR security cameras connected to your phone, you can check all the monitoring places even in the dark. But make sure you get the real night vision enabled camera. Before purchasing, do compare the number of LED lights which determines the night vision distance and its viewing angle. The deer seems to have something to talk to you.

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Have you ever heard the news that the stolen property was lost forever even if the thieves were caught? Now things will be different if you have a security camera linked to phone that is two-way audio enabled:. You can then warn the uninvited verbally by phone through the built-in microphone and stop the theft or vandalism before any damage was caused. Actually, security cameras linked to phone with two-way audio can do far more than property protection.

For example, you can also listen to what's going on inside your house and keep your loved ones company by talking to them, even when you are miles away. And manage your package in the cafe with the security cameras Reolink Argus 2 linked to the mobile phone. An easy navigated security camera phone app both for iPhone and Android phone can save you a lot of trouble. And it is of exceptional importance for the elders and children who need special protection but could get puzzled by the complex configurations.

If all the monitoring can be easily handled, you will be rest-assured when your parents and children are left alone at home. Reolink has tried every effort to make its mobile client easy to use. You will only need three simple steps to link Reolink security cameras to your phone: Install free Reolink app on your phone, launch the app, and then click the cameras linked to phone and get live view. It's true that the live view on your phone relies on and will eat up the bandwidth, and therefore the performance of your security camera to your phone may get affected.

WiFi Hidden Cameras

Here Reolink has worked out a way to eliminate the network influence of security cameras to your phone:. You can switch between clear, balanced and fluent mode on Reolink app according to your network conditions. The clear mode gives you the highest resolution and the fluent mode can record at the highest speed when the network is crowded. With a security camera linked to phone, the remote monitoring is handy.

Yet you may still have some concerns about the security cameras connected to phone. Check the following frequently asked ones and quick answers. Feel free to add yours in the comment area, and I'll get back to you very soon. Please assist. And here are some common troubleshooting tips if you are unable to view cameras on connected app:. After you have decided a satisfying security camera that linked to phone, the last thing you may worry about is safety issues.

You may wonder if it is possible for hackers to control the camera on your phone. The short answer is NO, at least not for Reolink with the private safety protocol. That's to say no one can access the camera without your permission and the right password. Flora is an editor with a deep passion for smart home gadgets and loves the idea of worry-free life. She smiles a lot, enjoys hearty food, movies, traveling, and her latest obsession is cooking.

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You can talk to her via email at flora reolink. Does it send to router Hi Martin, actually the IP cameras can connect with your phone via the P2P server even when you are miles away. Is it possible to connect the cameras with 2 or more phone? Can each phone user customise different settings? Snapshots Capture unique moments and share them with your friends. Live Video Recording record videos of your pet, even you are not at home. Choose your Pet Station and activate it it can be a desktop or tablet 2.

source Activate your R eceiver on your mobile device that will stay with you 3. Pet cam, dog monitor, dog can… wow!

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I just love this app. It is very useful guyz. Useful app! With this pet cam, now i can stay close and monitoring my dog from everywhere. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy.

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